Why you should love tipping live cam girls

Posted on December 13, 2022

If you happen to be new to streaming live sex cams, then you should know that you are expected to tip live cam girls. Dude, do you mean you are not aware of live sex streams? Don't you know about PDCams? Try and delve into it; you will love your experience on that site. You should note that this is not a priority or a must, especially for people who use freemium-type sites. For some reason, it is just necessary.

You might think that taking nude images of oneself is like rolling your pants down and beating that ugly meat. But it is an entire art that needs courage and ultimate perfection. And if you are, therefore, a live sex cams enthusiast, tipping these camwhores should not be a biggie.

Do you want to know why?


It's not as easy as it seems

As I mentioned earlier, it might seem easy, but not as easy as it may seem. Ask yourself how much it would cost to show yourself naked on the internet to thousands of people without your face being blurred out. Some of you idiots would never dare. I don't know where you can get this courage, given that you are shy enough not to dare talk to a woman and lure her to fuck. Your only way to burst a nut is by fapping to PDCams live sex cams. Stop complaining about prices. You think 500 tokens is too much for a flash? You think 3,000 tokens is too much for a naked oil cum show? Is $25 worth a dick flash? What about bending over and spreading? Don't forget to smile for the people illegally recording you to upload to tube sites! Still whining about tokens, huh?

Take control

Who doesn't love being a dom of these whores? Every man wants to feel important and be in control of their bitches unless you are the pansy wimps who tolerate being dominated by their wives, who go to the extent of making them watch her getting fucked by other dicks. But if you are an alpha male, you always have that urge to control these bitches.

Women love money. In fact, I tend to think it is the easiest way to gain control and make a woman submit to your frame. Don't fucking come to me with the love fallacies! Therefore, when you tip these bitches, you become the man in the room. She will submit to you. Ask her to do whatever you like, and she will do it without questioning you.

Would you want to engage an upset bitch?

I know most of you have been used to pre-recorded porn that you don't care about these bitches, whether they are in good moods, upset, bored, or even into what they are doing. Live sex cams make you get involved in the action. In fact, some live cam girls will tell you what to do as she undresses their bothersome clothes. I would never wish to fap to an upset whore. Have you ever fucked an upset moody bitch? She doesn't even get turned on or become wet.

When you tip these babes, it lightens up their mood. Their pussies will drip in pussy juices. And if they happen to use dildos, I swear she will squirt. Who would want to soak their dirty socks while a horny girl cam on their screen is squirting because of them?

Get special attention

If you keep tipping live cam girls on PDCams, they will start noticing you and giving you special attention. What do you mean by special attention, bro? There are many reasons to tip a live cam girl. But have you ever gotten the privilege of a pornstar moaning and calling out your name? Try and tip these gorgeous women frequently, and you will be surprised.

I can imagine what it would feel like if you were in a public room with other horny bastards and getting served sauce by this hot European babe, and she is just calling out other men's names as she moans because they have tipped her wholesomely. Tip her and get her to moan your ugly name in a seductive tone as she rubs her clit.

Get to private chat rooms

For all I care, I don't know about the shit that goes ahead in those public rooms. I have been using private rooms because there is no way I will share my cam girl with another moron, and a broke one, for that matter. When you tip these gorgeous ladies, you will never share her; she will be yours only. In the private chat rooms, you can do whatever shit you want with her. You are the only one here to command, talk to, and chat with her. Not tipping her in a public chat room, and the broke wanker is giving her directions. Also, public chat rooms are not discrete.

Requires ultra-modern tools and other bills

Wait, aren't you the guy who wants to fap to 4K ultra HD live streams? Do you think a mobile phone's camera can record HD video? Yes, you want to fap in the comfort of your home rather than stroll to the dingy strip clubs downtown and tip strippers as you worry about your security. You want all comfort from your couch, the stream in high quality, proper lighting, and a lovely background setting. Do you know how much data live streams require for a video to not buffer? The live cam girl must have a good internet connection, a modern camera, a laptop for customizing the stream, and an excellent background with proper lighting. All that requires money!

Tipping live cam girls isn't a must, but just like any other service, camgirls tend to rely on their tips to pay the bills, and if you're tipping cam girls often, they will be more generous and might even learn your name.